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Stars Homes Tours

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Stars Homes Tours

Spotting an A-list celebrity on a Hollywood Stars’ Homes Tour is what to do in Los Angeles! Visit globally elite neighborhoods and see multi-million-dollar celebrity cribs on one of the most popular Los Angeles sightseeing tours. Cruise around Beverly Hills before doing some light shopping on Rodeo Drive. Ride right up to the world-famous Hollywood Sign. And, take in one of the best views you can get on a Los Angeles tour once you hit Mulholland Drive! Check out the homes of Al Pacino, Cristina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, and Jennifer Aniston, and many more! This Los Angeles daytrip is one of the most exciting things to do in Los Angeles! So keep your eyes peeled because that sloppy-looking hippy sitting at the coffee shop just might be Jennifer Lawrence in disguise!